Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013


We hurt each other even in silent. We don’t need to say the words, our eyes were filled with pain already. Maybe it was love, maybe it was lust and maybe what hurt the most was the hight expectation. The way we hurt each other just to show how we loved each other was tiring wasn’t it?

Memories fade as time goes by or gone, just like that with no trace but we always remember how it hurt. I hurt you, you hurt me more. Then we said goodbye when all we wanted to say was “forgive me”. The ego has landed. I wanted to say “please stay” but the words froze in my brain and leave me wondering: What did we do wrong? Maybe you’ll never know that.. I’m falling endlessly, I’m falling hopelessly and you’re not there to catch me.

I’m never alone but I’m lonely. If only the “I love you” is enough, we wouldn’t have to fear the night. Darkness is scary when you lonely right?. Sometimes, many times late at night. These thoughts crossed my mind, that our love was like the burning cigarette, it didn’t last that long and filled with poison. I’m addicted to it and when I said I’m addicted to you it means I’m addicted to love and the pain it brings. Even the falling leaf reminds me of us. We are the leaf, fragile and falling hopelessly, inevitable. I’m never alone. Not when the thoughts of you always haunting me.

And so I tried to runaway but every road and street I ran to, always bring me back to the thought of you. I travel to forget us but every city I go, I can only imagine sharing the view with you, while holding your hand. Every street, every road, every coffee shops remind me of you. I hide inside my heart and you’re there too.
I watched the sunset the other day and I remembered when you whispered softly to my ear that you loved me. Why didn’t you bring your love along when you left? Cause there’ll be no sunlight when I loose you.

You don’t need to hate me for what I’ve done, I’m doing it right now. My heart isn’t broken, it’s no longer there. You took it with you when you left. I’m an empty shell, I was there and you didn’t even care. The only question shaking in my mind right now is: why do we hurt the one we are care the most? No one has the answer.

Can we turn back the time? I want to freeze the moment you’re smiling at me. You used to say “You and I, against the world, okay?” Guess what? Now, I’m alone to against the world with a blue feeling.

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