Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

To My Love

Your life story is an enchantment to me

In knowing i will somebody be part of it

You don't know who i am or where i am

It could be a long time before you find out

These city light may never shine your way

Your symphony might lay unwritten

And your song left silent

But i will be a blessed girl to earn the honor of making you smile

I'll live for you before you know it'

The sun won't ever set on my virtue

All i have is enough time to improve my self

And ultimately rival the horizon of your cool

You'll be apart of my life

Before you realize i'm even living

I have faith that you exist

You're here in my reality somewhere

And i know i won't be imagining you forever

You're going to be wonderful

So i need to be that too

I'll here to find a thousand new ways to express my self

You'll have me frequently, distracted, disoriented and speechless

But never regretful to find my self that way

However, once i finally meet you

I doubt I'll write everything

Because everything about you will be beautifully unexplainable

So, i'm going to spend my time writing for you now

Until these words grow to fail in value

And this is for you to my love

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